20 Rules of Life Series – 4/20 : Helping Others

Life Evolution

Rule #4 – If I can’t help others, I can’t help myself.

Even if it’s just to hold the door for someone or some other simple gesture, it will do wonders for my life. I’ll feel great and I’ll eventually be returned the favour sometime in my life, whether I realize it or not. If I don’t want to help others, then others won’t want to help me, nor should they.

This is a rule that I have personally taken to heart over the past year.  This is used to seem to me to be another “pie-in-the-sky” wishful way of thinking, that I couldn’t wrap my head around.  In the past, I tended to think from a negative perspective and work outward from there; which is counter-intuitive, Rule #2.  I’ve always felt like, of course, I needed help but never felt I had much to offer in the way of helping others. And I was wrong. We all have the capability to help someone else. We are able to help other people in all kinds of way, none of which requires you to hand over your money to someone else. Everyone has something more valuable than money… time.

We all have the same amount of hours in a day to work with, and we all likely have more time on our hands (that we waste) than we care to admit.  Instead of burning an hour on Facebook, use that time to help a friend with a project. Everyone knows someone who is trying to build something in the this world. Even if you devote just an hour out of your week toward helping a friend get closer to their goals, that’s a more productive use of your time; in servitude to a friend. I promise, you’ll feel amazing. And what you will find, if you make a habit of helping others, people will naturally want to help you in return. It’s practically a law of nature.  Reading Ray Dalio’s Priniciples helped to drive this idea home.

If you are invested in seeing your friends succeed, show them you’re invested, show them how much you believe in them. There’s always something that you can do, all you have to do is ask.  It’s the easiest thing in the world … “Is there anything that I can do to help you with your “project””? When you are sincere in your asking, you’ll be surprised how taken aback they may seem because they rarely get help offered to them voluntarily. You’ll feel good, and may be encouraged to do more and more for others and in turn others will want to do more for you.


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1. I must create and look for opportunities.

2. Negativity will only bring more of it.

3. Where I am does not determine where I can go.

4. If I can’t help others, I can’t help myself.

5. Follow my passion, money will follow.

6. Enjoy yourself.

7. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

8. Planning is good but so is being spontaneous.

9. I have many talents.

10. Don’t work hard without rewards.

11. Money does bring happiness.

12. Someone always has it worse.

13. I’ll need others for my success.

14. Being open minded is the key to more knowledge.

15. Failure is great.

16. Most people are actually nice.

17. Words and thoughts control everything.

18. My view is my reality.

19. Inspiration and motivation are everywhere.

20. I can change the world.