20 Rules of Life Series – 2/20 : Negativity

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Rule #2 – Negativity will only bring more of it.

When I focus on negativity, obviously that’s all I will see. I will not seek out positivity, and even when positivity comes into my life, I’ll look for the negative part of it.

If you’re anything like me, I’ll bet you find it really easy to see the negative aspects of things. Whatever it is that I may dealing with, I’ve always found it easy to focus on the “bad stuff” and ignore whatever the good might be.  It’s in our nature as humans to be greatly affected by loss, I think that in turn makes us constantly looking out for bad things that can cause us loss or harm.

Since I’ve been reading these rules daily, it’s been an on-going battle with my natural inclination to look for the bad and replace those negative thoughts with positive thinking. I have found it does, for me at least, take quite a bit of effort, far more than the effort needed to think negative, which is none at all.  What has helped me to “fight the good fight” has been keeping a gratitude journal.  Everyday write five things you are grateful for. Anything. Grateful for your health? Family? Job? The country you live in? Anything. If you are reading this on a computer or any electronic device, there’s a good chance you’re living a better life than millions of people on the planet (Rule #12). It’s impossible to maintain a negative frame of mind when you are reminding yourself daily of the things you are grateful for.  Write your gratitude journal and in those moments when you are feeling down or in a negative mind state, read your gratitude journal and your mood lighten.  This rule also works in the reverse, by getting into the habit of looking for the positive, then that’s what you’ll see and continue to look for, and that’s a habit worth cultivating.

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Book: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck



1. I must create and look for opportunities.

2. Negativity will only bring more of it.

3. Where I am does not determine where I can go.

4. If I can’t help others, I can’t help myself.

5. Follow my passion, money will follow.

6. Enjoy yourself.

7. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

8. Planning is good but so is being spontaneous.

9. I have many talents.

10. Don’t work hard without rewards.

11. Money does bring happiness.

12. Someone always has it worse.

13. I’ll need others for my success.

14. Being open minded is the key to more knowledge.

15. Failure is great.

16. Most people are actually nice.

17. Words and thoughts control everything.

18. My view is my reality.

19. Inspiration and motivation are everywhere.

20. I can change the world.