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Charles Barkley: “Raptors Are Going To The Finals.”

DeMar DeRozan in action against James Harden
DeMar DeRozan in action against James Harden

If you’re a Toronto basketball fan you already know last night the Raptors won a thriller over their number one seeded counterpart from the western conference, The Houston Rockets (108-105), snapping a 17 game winning streak. This team definitely feels different from Raptors teams of the past, which DeMar DeRozan acknowledged after the game.

This is what one might call a “statement game”, more so, it was an opportunity for the Raptors and all their detractors (that rhymes) to see how the “team from Canada” stacks up against the best team in the league.  Very few people were thinking, “let’s see how the Rockets do against the Raptors”, perhaps another micro-disrespect Toronto fans have come to expect considering the Raptors had already beaten the Rockets in their first of two meetings.  And don’t even get me started on the Christmas day games disrespect on the part of the NBA. You muthaf**kas schedule the Sixers, Knicks and Lakers but not the Raptors. I hope whoever made that Christmas day schedule spends an eternity in hell naked in an Edmonton winter.

Unfortunately (not unfortunately) I was working last night and could not watch the game. Highlights just don’t cut it.  As usual the game and atmosphere in the Air Canada Centre looked lit (fam). It was Drake night, with a packed house, and with the Raps win I could feel the buzz in the city. My twitter timeline was littered with ecstatic Raptors fans with no compunction about rubbing the win in the face of the rest of the doubting NBA. I joined in too, re-tweeting a mock video of Kyle and DeMar killing Rockets players in a samurai fight.

What stood out most in the twitter melee was Charles Barkley‘s declaration that only the Cleveland Cavaliers and Raptors matter in the eastern conference landscape. And Barkley was not done there. He emphatically declared the Raptors will go on to the NBA Finals. (And repeated, once again, that Toronto is his favourite city.) 

A Toronto team in the Finals is the worst ratings nightmare for NBA top brass. I’d bet some where, right now, Adam Silver is sacrificing a lizard or gecko or some reptilian ancestor of the raptor to see that that shit never happens.


(BTW, Torontonians know last night was just a regular season game, can we not enjoy our shit for a minute? Damn! If the Raptors lost would you say, it’s just a regulation game or that they don’t have what it takes. Check yourself before you… …you know.)