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#HTG Mar.4.2018

Mahershala Ali at the Oscars 2017
Mahershala Ali at the Oscars 2017

It’s Oscar Night!!!

Sunday 4pm on Vibe 105.5FM to w/ SolitairMs. Mesha Gaye and DJ Reddy Fox, Nina105 aka NoBetterNina ‘s got you covered on social media and taking your phone calls!

We’ll have our usual round of “Have You Heard”s…

In ‘Politics As Usual’ we’ll discuss the Oscars…
Get Out is in contention for Best Picture at Sunday’s Oscars. With Moonlight winning last year, and with Get Out and now Black Panther, being so successful at the box office … will Hollywood turn a corner into more diversification in film and television??
How important is seeing diversity improve in Film and TV?

Plus we’ll look at which films could or should win.

In Music News… 
We’ll look at the 20th Anniversary of the great legendary Hip Hop collaboration NORTHERN TOUCH – featuring Rascalz, Choclair, Kardinal Offishall, Thrust and Checkmate
Norther Touch collaborators at the Junos
Kardinal Offishall, The Rascalz, Thrust, Choclair and Checkmate

Mesha’s Legends & Icons… your weekly dose of tea…

Solitair’s Spotlight … and … the Hashtag crew’s advice for Being Better At Life


Hashtag on Vibe 105.5FM Sundays 4pm
Hashtag on Vibe 105.5FM Sundays 4pm