GQ Q&A SZA … Honest AF


I fully admit, I love everything about SZA.  Her music, her vibe, her beauty, and most of all her honesty.  I imagine it must be a company policy at TDE; somewhere written on a wall or framed in big bold letters, or maybe in each artist’s contract… “THOU SHALT BE HONEST AF”  

I’m sure I had the same reaction as a lot of people did when Alessia Cara was announced Best New Artist at the Grammys this year… WTF!?

Alessia Cara at the Grammys
Alessia Cara at the Grammys (Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images)

It really felt like SZA winning Best New Artist was a foregone conclusion, with possibly Khalid sneaking in an upset.  And “upset” is what people were! The backlash got to a point that Cara felt she had to address it on Instagram.

SZA CTRL album cover

SZA’s CTRL is one of the best R&B albums to come along in some time. Not only did it put SZA onto the mainstream map, making her a household name, it made SZA the most nominated woman at the Grammys. And, for all the accolades and anticipation of a big trophy haul, she got shut out of every award.  It’s India.Arie all over again, but, in my opinion, worse. Not one award?? GTFOHWTBS!  (*It’s only worse based on my personal bias, having liked SZA’s CTRL somewhat more than Arie’s Acoustic Soul)

Usually when an artist experiences bullshit circumstances such as this, they say all the “right” things publicly. They act as though they are not, in the least bit, bothered by a Grammy snub(s). And, I always think … ‘How could you not be pissed?? Or, a little disappointed??’  The cold, robotic, calculated response thing artists do is what helps the public dehumanize them in their eyes.  They either appear to be supremely stoic, or supremely fake. Either one will separate and distance you from the masses. Which is why SZA is a breath of fresh air.

SZA GQ Cover Photo
GQ Magazine Speaks with SZA


GQ Magazine caught up with SZA to see how she was processing her Grammys experience… a sample of some questions asked in the interview… The New Soul of SZA

People were pretty up in arms that you weren’t the biggest winner of the night. How did you feel coming out of that?

Do you feel like your loss at the Grammys was not necessarily a wake-up call, but a reintroduction to why you got into making music in the first place?

Do you feel like you are in a battle with your ego?

SZA speaks on her Grammy experience and what she learned from it in a refreshingly candid and human way; making her all the more relatable and quite frankly, real.



(BTW, as a Canadian I’m still WAY happy for Alessia Cara, who handled the whole situation with all the class and style of a true Bramptonian.     huh? wha? kanye-shrug)