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VIDEO: LeBron & KD get candid about life.

LeBron James and Kevin Durant
LeBron and KD taking a break during practice at the Summer Olympics 2012

When I started this blog, one of the first articles I wrote was … “Why I Root For LeBron James… Now.

I wanted to lay out how impressed I’ve been with James’ willingness to discuss political topics, all the while displaying his ardent affinity for the African-American community.

Growing up watching Michael Jordan’s career, I believe the biggest criticism most Black people had with Mike was unwillingness to speak about anything political fearing it could adversely affect his sneaker sales and his lack of involvement in the Black community; both of which LeBron could never be accused of.

On January 14, 2018 Cari Champion took LeBron and his NBA rival and friend, Kevin Durant, on an Uber ride in her series Rolling With The Champion... LeBron and Durant candidly discuss the hate they had to deal with during their successful careers, what it means being a successful Black man in America and more.

(BTW, this just made me love LeBron even more!)


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